Established in 2021 as part of the Students’ Council, the University of Latvia International Students’ Collegium (UL ISC) is an elected student body aiming to represent and integrate students studying in the international programmes at UL. 


The main focus of UL ISC is to:

  • approach various academic affairs,
  • organize events during the orientation period and throughout the semester,
  • facilitate communication between the university and the students. 

We value and encourage integration, diversity, opportunity and community



Annually in November, the UL ISC elections are held, in which a maximum of 7 international student representatives can be elected as Members of UL ISC by the LU SP Assembly. However, if the UL ISC is incomplete, new Members may be elected to fill the vacant positions throughout the year.

UL International Students' Collegium articles of association are available here.

Meanwhile, anyone is welcome to participate in UL ISC as an activist at any given point.

If you are interested in becoming a student representative or an activist at UL ISC, please contact us at



UL ISC is led by the Chairperson, assisted by the Vice Chairperson. The Board positions include the Head of Academic affairs; Head of Social affairs; Head of Cultural affairs & Head of Public relations.


Chairperson - Rajintha Silva:

  • oversees the general work of ISC;
  • chief representative function;
  • main point of contact with other institutions;
  • organises ISC meetings.

Vice Chairperson - Nohan Ali:

  • oversees the budget and inventory of ISC;
  • assisting role to the Chairperson;
  • administrative task handling;
  • board support. 

Head of Academic affairs - Reza Ghasempour:

  • promotes academic integrity;
  • defends student academic rights and interests;
  • meets with faculty members to resolve issues;
  • cooperates with LU SP Academic affairs.

Head of Social affairs - Panagiotis Tsakonis:

  • defends student rights on social matters;
  • promotes mental health and inclusion;
  • deals with student reports;
  • cooperates with LU SP Social affairs.

Head of Cultural affairs - Juliane Gotz:

  • hosts cultural activities for international students;
  • promotes cultural exchange;
  • organises cultural & sports events;
  • cooperates with LU SP Cultural & Sports affairs.

Head of Public relations - Keti Tevzadze:

  • manages ISC social media and accounts;
  • creates digital and physical promotional content;
  • promotes ISC events;
  • spreads awareness of ISC among students.