In 2020 an agreement on the UL accommodation development was signed, the aim of the agreement is to jointly improve and modernize student dorms for better quality of life.

The agreement envisages the renovation of dorm rooms and collective facilities, bringing new light to the living spaces and creating a modern environment, where students are able to study more effectively. The agreement also includes financial optimization, which will encourage a fair and effective usage of the funds obtained from the tenants.

As a result of the renovations many of the triple rooms will become double and single rooms, as the demand for these types of rooms has grown. Even though these rooms will be more expensive than the triple rooms, they will be higher quality and will provide a higher comfort. It is important to note that the changes will happen gradually and students, who are living in the triple rooms, will be able continue to live there.


Thanks to the agreement, the governance of UL and the students will work together not only on the improvement of existing accommodations but also on planning the accommodations in the UL Academic Centre.