At first glance, students who choose to be part of the Students’ Council of the University of Latvia (LU SP) may seem to be too serious or even a bit obsessed with improving the quality of studies and electing representatives to various committees. However, this is not the case - LU SP is a place to challenge yourself, learn to take responsibility, work in a team and make lots of new friends.


LU SP is an independent, collegial body representing the rights and interests of students at the University of Latvia. Representatives from all 13 Faculties' Student Councils (FSCs) are elected annually to form the students’ highest decision-making body - LU SP. Every year a chairperson is elected for LU SP, who then creates a model by which the heads of the board divisions are selected.


The structure of LU SP, though seemingly complex, is a necessary part of the university. The Council fights for the rights of each student in every faculty. To better distribute the work among the members of the Council, separate divisions have been created to address the varying issues that may affect students.


The students who work in the council not only deal with the allocation of budget places, the acclimatisation of foreign students, and the mentoring system but also organise various events for UL students (Student Festival "Aristotle", Sports Games, etc.). This is also done within separate faculties by the Faculty Student Councils (FSC). Their opinions are heard by LU SP at FSC leaders’ meetings, LU SP Assembly meetings, and at any time during the day.


Members of students’ councils are united by their desire to be heard, to improve the study process, not only for themselves, but also for other students, and to make sure that students' opinions are taken into account. These people take on many different jobs on a daily basis, motivated to do well mainly by their fellow students and a common desire for action. The Students’ Council teaches skills that are of great use in any workplace. For example, organising events from scratch gives the realisation that, really, absolutely anything is just a few phone calls away, while working in the Senate and Students’ Council gives a better understanding of the structure of the university and public institutions. Therefore, we invite you to join your students’ council and help us!