To facilitate the integration of new students into the University, the Student Council of the University of Latvia (LU SP) and the UL Student Services department invite applications for the mentor programme.

In a creative and interactive way, the LU SP offers first-year students the opportunity to get their own unique mentor - an experienced student who has already experienced the complexity of settling into the new University environment and is competent enough to help them get started in their academic life. Throughout the programme, freshmen will have the opportunity to approach their mentor with any professional and personal questions they may have.

First-year students will be told and shown all the important things - the Faculty premises, the system of work, the main rules, LUIS and e-studies, the student council system and, of course, the traditions. Mentors will get to know their first-year students within the first days of their studies.

To find your unique mentor, visit, where you will see a list of several candidates after selecting your faculty and study programme. Take a look, evaluate and choose! Once you have made your choice, follow the instructions to confirm your application. Stay tuned for a message from your mentor!

"I remember how difficult it was to fit into the new system because the difference between high school and university is huge. So I have to say a big thank you to my mentor, who kindly answered all my questions, which were probably sometimes quite silly. It was very nice to know that even in a moment of complete confusion, there would be someone friendly to turn to for advice!" says a former first-year student who has volunteered to mentor a first-year student this year."


If you have any questions, feel free to contact