Study modernisation

The agreement for the third phase of the modernisation project was signed in 2023.

Study modernisation is an agreement between the University of Latvia (UL) and students, represented by the Students’ Council of the University of Latvia (LU SP). The current agreement provides for three years of joint efforts to modernise the study process, thus ensuring the competitiveness of LU students in the labour market and scientific activities.

The modernisation process started in 2015 and is now in its third phase. Students, faculty, deans, and alumni have contributed to its development, bringing together their different perspectives to further promote the University's progress and visibility in the Baltics and globally.

In the coming years, education on academic integrity and an individual approach to feedback from teaching staff will be emphasised. The agreement will also provide students with more opportunities for internships at the university and encourage their involvement in research activities. Students will also experience improvements in the e-learning environment, with increased use of audio-visual materials in the classroom as the University becomes progressively digital.

As part of the modernisation process, students, alumni, and staff will come together to evaluate the implementation of the previous stages of the agreement and to develop plans for the effective implementation of the criteria defined in the third stage. This will ensure that the modernisation process is monitored by all parties involved.

A modern environment, developed infrastructure and material and technical support are important factors for the success of the Study modernisation. The University has a long history of promoting the development of infrastructure and modern materials, and technical facilities, thereby enhancing the quality of studies. "One of the most important directions in the modernisation process is the expansion of the Academic Centre, which will ensure the further development of the University, following the most modern world trends. We also want to focus more on the introduction of digital innovations, aiming for ever higher rankings among students and in international rankings."


Excerpts from the Study Modernisation Agreement are available here (in Latvian).