The UL Students' Council would like to encourage senior students to become companions of new students taking their first steps in university life. To help new students become more involved in the student life of the University, the Students' Council and the UL Student Services department invite you to apply for the UL Mentor Program.

The main role of mentors will be to maintain informal communication with the new student and to help him/her navigate through the day-to-day issues of studying and not get confused by problematic situations throughout the academic year. Mentors will introduce and show the most important things in the life of the University - faculty premises, system of work, main rules, LUIS and e-studies, and the student council system. Most importantly, the student will be introduced to the exciting environment in which they now find themselves. Mentors will get to know their first-year students in the very first days of their studies.

Mentoring will guarantee you the chance to:

  • Learn mentoring skills by helping up to five freshmen get involved in the life of the University;
  • Strengthen your social circle by developing links between students in other courses;
  • get involved and pull new students along with you in the life of the University;
  • ensure that more people benefit from the University's support services;
  • by helping newcomers to plan their careers and studies, you will also strengthen your time management skills.

In addition to the above, mentors also have the opportunity to:

  • to take the Part C course "Psychological Aspects of Peer Mentoring" in the amount of 2KP;
  • to obtain a listener status for any course at UL in the amount of 4KP (for good performance of mentoring duties in the first semester).

To apply to become a mentor for a first-year student, please fill in the form