The project competition aims to promote the involvement of University of Latvia students in academic activities, as well as to encourage innovation and research projects, to support cultural, sports, and social project realization, in addition, to promoting student activity and participation in solving topical problems, improving the study processes and generating new ideas.


Projects can be submitted from 1 January to 30 September. The projects can be submitted by any University of Latvia student individually or on the behalf of a student organization. Projects must be submitted by the last day of each month.


The evaluation of projects takes place in two rounds. The first round is the written application, and the second round consists of oral presentations. Only the best applicants from the first round will be invited to the second round. The results will be communicated personally to each applicant and published on the organizer's portal ( within one calendar month after the deadline for the submission of project applications.


To participate in project competition, students are required to prepare a project proposal, which includes a detailed description of the idea, a plan for implementing the idea, and a justification of the total cost estimate and its cost.


The project competition rules, acceptance procedure, required documents, evaluation criteria and forms to be filled in can be found here or in the Faculty of Law's regulatory framework. 


The proof of funding referred to in point 15.1 of the Rules of Procedure of the Call for Proposals is a signed declaration by the co-financier in the form of an application to the Jury of the Call for proposals. The name of the project, the amount of the co-financing, and the purpose (lines of the estimate for which the co-financing is intended) should be indicated.


In case of any questions or inquiries, please contact the Student Council Office during office hours, or write an e-mail to or 


Project applications should be electronically signed if sent electronically to or physically signed if in physical format and taken to the Students' Council mailbox at the University of Latvia Registrar Office, Raiņa bulvārī 19 (Room 136). If the project application is signed electronically and sent in by e-mail, it is unnecessary to bring a physical copy to the office.