Project competition results 2022

Project Project type Amount of funding allocated (EUR)
LU DF LAB equipment for augmented reality technology training in field of medical technology academic or scientifc 8 000
IGEM "Latvia-Riga" team academic or scientific 8 660,27
Support for University of Latvia Faculty of Law team in XXX Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court academic or scientific 4 150
Raccoons’ youth hackathon academic or scientific 14 197,93
Implementation of waste recycling in UL social 14 000
Accommodation refrigerator project social 2 970
Concert “New Beginnings” by the mixed choir “Juventus” of the University of Latvia. World premiere. sports or culture 1 423,50
UL new music band contest “Hadrons 2022” sports or culture 2 900
Student business opportunities festival “Icebreakers’22” sports or culture 6 000